Keep callers on the line by using these VoIP features

Callers generally don’t like being put on hold for very long periods. But sometimes, your staff will have to put them on hold to verify their identity, find answers to their queries, or refer the call to a supervisor. One way to make sure callers do not feel abandoned while on hold is to use certain Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) features.

VoIP phone systems can help make waiting on the line bearable or even downright enjoyable by sharing fun anecdotes and info, playing on-brand music, and conveying engaging messages.


Customers who are put on hold are captive audiences for your marketing messages. VoIP systems let you record a variety of messages for different numbers according to the purpose of the caller. For example, if the caller wants to get in touch with the sales department, the on-hold message could inform them of current special offers, promotions, or sales.

“Hold message” scripts that utilize your company’s TV, radio, or online ads might elicit an “I think I’ve heard this somewhere before” response. Conversely, you could put a totally new spin on the usual tone and style of your marketing messages and really get creative with humorous advertisements that make your customers chuckle. A little bit of levity never hurt anybody.

For the service department, you can use messages that assure the customer that an agent is taking care of their concerns. Using a service-appropriate message makes callers feel like they’re getting personalized care.


Providing customers with new information and intriguing anecdotes will keep them from thinking that they aren’t being served when you’re actually doing your best to address their concerns at the other end of the line. You can also initiate a trivia or a guessing game where providing a correct answer once the call resumes wins them a prize.


Callers who hear music while on hold tend to stay on the line compared to those who experience silence. While traditional phone systems also have a music on hold feature, VoIP services enhance this feature and offer more options.

Instead of being limited to legacy tools’ music loops, VoIP systems let you easily upload your audio of choice. Just a couple of tips: use music that suits your brand and take your clientele’s demographics into account. Upbeat music may work for a sporting goods brand, but not for an investment bank. 

With VoIP systems, you can customize the frequency and duration of a track and configure whether the music restarts or continues where it left off when a caller is placed back on hold. You can also set the order of different tracks or randomize them for callers.

The rich functionality of VoIP systems allows you to turn the on-hold experience into a positive customer service experience. Make sure to take full advantage of this window of opportunity. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you increase the odds that your clients will happily stay on the line and continue to do business with you.